GDC 2015: ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ Gets Dr. Octopus and Superior Venom in Future Update

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Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited (Free) has been regularly updated since its release last year, and that’s not changing any time soon. Gameloft showed off an upcoming update for the game to us at GDC, and you can watch some of the new Spider-Men in action. Watch for new Spider-Men including Superior Venom to be coming to the game. Watch a video below (audio issues, so no commentary, unfortunately) of the game in action!

As well as new Spider-Men, new story content featuring Dr. Octopus will be available. He serves as the first running villain in the game, as he runs around the new underwater lab area, though you do have to defeat him like many more bosses. The update is scheduled to release later this month, and will bring the Spider-Verse to its finale. And with so many Spider-Men, and Spider-Women, what with Spider-Gwen and all, there’s no reason to not expect more Spideys down the road.

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