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GDC 2015: ‘Simpulls’ is a Fun Puzzler Inspired by ‘Magical Drop’

Magical Drop is one of those puzzle games that doesn’t quite get represented in the world of match-3 puzzlers. Bejeweled, Bust-A-Move, and Tetris have all sorts of derivatives, but not poor Magical Drop, it’s got Linkoidz ($2.99) and that’s it. Well, until now: Simpulls is trying to take that match-3 formula, and put into a game that’s got intuitive controls. Check out a hands-on of the game:

Expect a lengthy campaign with dozens and dozens of levels, and a number of different modes. Later levels feature new simpulls that you have to use in certain ways to advance. The game is making its way from Windows Phone to iOS soon, with it having been in the works for a while in some form. This should prove to be entertaining enough once it hits the App Store. Hey, it’s not just another game ripping off Candy Crush Saga (Free)!