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GDC 2015: 11 bit Studios’ ‘This War of Mine’ iPad Version in Development

11 bit Studios last year announced This War of Mine, an interesting game where you play as civilians in the middle of a war, scrounging for supplies and trying to survive until the war ends. The game came out on PC last year to critical acclaim, but now the tablet version is finally making its way later this year. We got to check out the tablet version and talk a bit about the game in a hands-on demo:

As addressed in the video, while there were concerns about the game being rejected by Apple due to content, 11 bit has been in touch and there should not be a problem. The port for iPad is still in development, but 11 bit is promising an identical experience, even visually, for the iPad version when it’s done. Only one part of the game was ready, as the iPad version is still in early development, which is what you see in the video, managing survivors. Pawel Miechowski of 11 bit doesn’t even like calling it a ‘game’ as it’s not meant to be ‘fun’ but to provide a rewarding experience for players. Keep this one in mind.