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‘GDC 2015: SMG Studios Shows Off ‘One More Bounce’

Earlier this week at GDC we met up with the folks at SMG Studio (makers of the popular One More Line (Free) and excellent TD title OTTTD ($4.99)) to discuss their latest creation.

One More Bounce is the spiritual successor to One More Line with physics-based puzzle platforming gameplay. The set-up is simple: draw a line to keep a ball bouncing across an array of hazards and barriers. The longer the line you draw, the harder the bounce (as a longer line increases the elasticity of said line). Lines can also be drawn in any direction or angle that can be contemplated, making for some pretty interesting solutions to the game’s bite-sized levels or procedurally generated ‘Endless Mode.’

I thoroughly enjoyed my first run with One More Bounce and it certainly maintains that strong desire for replaybility. The physics are spot-on and there’s lots of potential for some pretty sweet reflex-driven moves to survive a run.

In any case, check out our first impressions video below. One More Bounce is slated for launch on iOS (among other devices) in about a couple of months.