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GDC 2015: Danny Perski’s ‘Exponential Retaliation’ is a Clever Number-Based Puzzler

Indie developer Danny Perski is working on a follow-up to his previous puzzle game Exponential Invasion ($1.99) with a new game called Exponential Retaliation, which he demoed for us at GDC 2015. The game involves trying to clear a screen of numbers, where a bigger number can combine with a smaller number. Some numbers are locked in place, and you must use other numbers to get rid of them. Check out the game in action:

Elements like the split divider come into play, which split numbers in two. The game is still in the works, with over a hundred levels planned eventually, but I got to see 20 of them here in the GDC demo. A level editor is planned as well, with the possibility to share them with friends. The idea seems really cool and intriguing, and the interface is super slick right now, so keep an eye on this one later this year.