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Baseball Simulator ‘MLB Manager 2015’ Coming Next Month, ‘iOOTP Baseball 2014’ Currently Free

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The iOOTP series of baseball simulators goes legit in March as the franchise gets its MLB license with MLB Manager 2015, featuring real players along with the actual MLB franchises that they’re on. Out of the Park Developments has released the first details and screenshots of the game. They show a similar interface as previous versions, but there’s new features inbound. The game will launch with each team’s 40-man roster with 20-25 of their prospects, with an update down the road that will include official Opening Day rosters. You can shop players to other teams to help find trades, simulate to specific dates, and enjoy improved trade AI, with other tweaks to make the experience better.

MLB Manager 2015 Screen 1

MLB Manager 2015 Screen 2

If you’ve never played an OOTP game in any form, now is the perfect time to try one. iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition (Free) is currently free on the App Store, so you can give the fun of managing a baseball franchise’s operations on a game-by-game basis, or even simulating decade after decade, a shot for yourself. It’s easy to get lost in this sort of game if you’re a baseball nerd – and the improved features promised by MLB Manager have me excited for it.

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