‘Space Marshals’ Chapter Two Coming March 5th, Here’s a New Trailer

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We were already well aware that Pixelbite Games were experts at making racing games, with the excellent Reckless Racing series and Repulze, but in early January they released Space Marshals ($3.99) and showed the world that they’ve also got a lock on tactical dual-stick shooters. We loved Space Marshals in our review, noting that it really focused on forethought, skill and strategy, which is a contrast from most dual-stick shooters which are largely blast-a-thons. The one bummer about Space Marshals is that it was designed as an episodic game, and the first chapter, while a nice meaty ride, still felt like it left you hanging when it was over. Good news, then, as today Pixelbite has announced that the Chapter Two update to Space Marshals is arriving next week on March 5th. They’ve released a new trailer showing off some of the awesome new stuff you can expect in Chapter Two.

I really can’t get enough of Space Marshals, and I can’t wait for Chapter Two to hit. Pixelbite has also confirmed that a Chapter 3 is in the works, and that should arrive sometime later this year. Also, if you’re on Android and have a sad face because you can’t play Space Marshals, cheer up, the game is coming to Android sometime in April.

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