TA Plays: ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ All Star Update

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While Angry Birds might be totally out of style these days, it’s nuts to go back and look at how much content has been added to these games over the years. Still available for a buck, Angry Birds Seasons (Free) offers a ridiculous value proposition. When it was first released it was just a silly spinoff with holiday themed Angry Birds levels. In 2015, it’s like having the whole Encyclopedia Britannica set dumped on your doorstep, only Angry Birds level packs instead of books.

Like everything on the App Store that’s been around forever, Angry Birds Seasons has been packed to the brim with different IAP items. They’re largely optional power-ups like being able to call down the Mighty Eagle, but if that kind of thing gets under your skin you might want to take a pass on this. To everyone else, there’s a reason why Angry Birds was/is so popular- They’re really fun games.

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