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‘Magic Shot’ Is an Upcoming “Experimental” Game of French Billiards

French billiards, or carom billiards as it might be known in the rec room of your local country club, is a game that’s been around for hundreds of years. You might have even seen it being played and not even realized it, as seems to be true with most varieties of billiards, at least in my experience anyway. Anyway, the idea behind French billiards is to score points by bouncing your own cue ball off your opponent’s cue ball and a secondary object ball in a single shot. It’s basically what happens if you take the game of pool and decide to get rid of everything but making individual trick shots.

As you can see in the above trailer, Magic Shot takes this a step further. Instead of simply being concerned with hitting the two different balls, they introduce puzzle elements by making the player worry about the ever-changing pool table. With each successful shot it changes, and judging by the tables the game generates, things can get pretty crazy. The forum thread mentions there’s over 2,000 different tables in the game spread across three different game modes.

According to the developers, Magic Shot is coming “soonish."