‘Doctor Who: Legacy’ Keeps Getting Updated as 10th Anniversary of ‘Dr. Who’ Show Approaches

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The 10th anniversary of the modern series of Doctor Who is coming up in March, and I figure this is as good a time as any to point out that Doctor Who: Legacy (Free) has been kicking around for a while as one of the most regularly-updated games on the App Store. While the app itself only gets periodic updates on the App Store, the game itself gets multiple in-game updates per month with new levels, costumes, and special limited-time events. Oh, and it has practically all of the Doctors Who now, from both the modern ones to a bunch of the classic ones, not to mention all the companions also available.

What’s cool is that there’s an official subreddit for the game where fans have provided feedback, and the developers at Tiny Rebel Games have made changes and added content based on that. For example, fans requested a sandbox level where they could try out different level combinations against enemies, and Tiny Rebel added it. They also participate in a regular Twitch stream covering the game and fan Q&A. Oh, and they had a ninety-minute long panel at Gallifrey One recently. Doctor Who fans really care a lot about this game. Also, the official subreddit is r/drwholegacy, proving that it’s not heresy to shorten Doctor to Dr. as so many nerds want to get mad about. Come at me, bro.

Really, we just needed to point out that this game is still kicking and going, and it’s a pretty cool phenomenon. In a world where so many games are disposable and don’t get updated when they break, there’s the occasional Doctor Who Legacy which keeps adding content quietly on a regular basis.

Oh, and if you want an extra-special treat- We got in contact with the developers to see if they had anything else cool going on and they hooked us up with an unlock code which will get you the 12th Doctor and his new pixel costume for free. All you’ve got to do is load up the game, go to the options, tap “Promo" and enter: 2496-8632-2386-9726

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