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‘Barren Roads’ is Another Post-Apocalyptic Survival Crafting Game our Forums are Excited About

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Survival crafting games have been popular for a few years now, what with Minecraft ($6.99) really throwing things into high gear. Games that have gone past the voxel style have come in vogue as well, taking the same principles of the genre, and adding more realistic graphics, and usually zombies. While DayZ and Rust are doing this on PC, we’re finally seeing these games pop up on mobile: Radiation Island ($2.99) really kicked things off, The Wild is a forum darling, and another game is aiming to hit this particular niche: Barren Roads. Made by Force Quit Applications, they recently posted a video of the game that shows off some of the combat in the game:

In Barren Roads, you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and have to deal with other survivors and raiders who may not want the best for your survival. The developers are making this one for mobile as well as PC, and are even talking about multiplayer. The game features permadeath, so die once, and that’s it. There’s a large streaming map, where the game will load in new sections of the map as you travel to them, with day/night and weather cycles to contend with as well. These kinds of games are awfully ambitious to do on mobile, and Radiation Island really sets a high watermark for those trying to contend, but it does show that these kinds of games are doable on mobile. And given the genre’s popularity elsewhere, maybe Barren Roads has a shot at living up to its promise. Check out the forum thread for the game where the developers are posting updates.

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