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Check Out the Latest Screenshots from Hotly-Anticipated Wilderness Survival Game ‘The Wild’

One of the most anticipated games among the Touch Arcade forums community is The Wild, from the two-person indie studio Toonuva Games in Vermont. The Wild is promising to be an original wilderness and zombie survival game in the style of Rust or DayZ for mobile. While Radiation Island ($2.99) has ensured that The Wild won’t be the first to market in terms of bringing this popular PC genre to mobile, there’s still plenty of folks hoping that this game could be the one for them. Toonuva has been running Testflight betas for the game, and they’re about to submit a second one for their testers, and along with it, comes some improved visuals:

The Wild Update 1

The Wild Update 2

The Wild is still going to be a mammoth undertaking for this small team, but it’s certainly not an impossible bet to make a first-person survival game work on mobile. If the game intrigues you, there is a very active forum thread to check out that’s been going on for months now. It may be worth keeping an eye on this one, if only because our forums are gonna go…wild…when it releases.