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Check out the Stylish ‘Heartbeats’, an Upcoming Graphic Novel Puzzler

Danish studio Kong Orange has just shared the first details on their upcoming game Heartbeats, and it’s looking rather interesting, even if we don’t really have a clue what it’s about, yet. They’re describing it as “a hardcore sci-fi puzzle/graphic novel," where each page serves as a puzzle to solve. Meanwhile, those pages, along with their accompanying text, guide along the story, so it seems like Heartbeats is really trying to blend story and gameplay in a way that’s really challenging to do for most games. Kong Orange is trying to be a bit secretive, as they’ve released a collage of incomplete screens, so as to not spoil anything:


The game is apparently being made on a budget so small that the game will lack music, but in a creative twist, the developers are getting people to curate Spotify playlists to go along with the game, which is a rather inventive solution, to say the least. The game is actually soft-launched in Denmark right now but only the first 3 puzzles are available for free, a $0.99 is needed to unlock the rest of the game. Expect this one soon, but until then, check out the forum thread for the game.