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ZeptoLab Soft Launches Two New Games: ‘Survivor Squad’ and ‘Slide Fight’

While King of Thieves from ZeptoLab launches worldwide this week, it appears that they’re hard at work at multiple games beyond the Cut the Rope franchise they’re most well-known for. A pair of new games have appeared under a pseudonym that soft-launched King of Thieves before it was revealed as a ZeptoLab game: Survivor Squad and Slide Fight. Survivor Squad is a top-down shooter where you and 3 other players try to fight off hordes of zombies, upgrading your weapons and items to help fight off ever-more-difficult hordes. Interestingly, this one promises real-time multiplayer.

Survivor Squad

Meanwhile, Slide Fight involves launching heroes around an arena to attack other players, with each team having three heroes that they’ve upgraded and brought into battle. Now, the games haven’t been published on iTunes by ZeptoLab proper, but by “Dmitry Momzikov" – and as Gamezebo helpfully explains, King of Thieves snuck out under that name late last year without anyone having a clue about it. Check out the original soft launch forum thread for what was then known as Thieves. Well, now that we’ve caught on to their tricks, similar art styles are also apparent. These two are looking like rather intriguing and more-involved games than many free-to-play titles out there, so definitely keep an eye on these two.