‘Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath’ Gets First Price Drop

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Have you been looking into checking out Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath ($2.99) but just haven’t done so yet? Well, good news, slacker: the game’s just gone on sale for the first time, dropping down to $3.99 from its regular $5.99 price. This is an absolute steal for this cult hit game, which was originally released on the Xbox as a full-priced game, and subsequent re-releases on console and PC are typically $10, so it’s a nice bargain no matter what.

Plus, it helps that the game is pretty darn good. It got a reputation as a cult hit back on the original Xbox, and our Shaun Musgrave had kind things to say about it in his review. He says it “is an incredible game in all respects. It’s an exceptionally well-designed game from top to bottom, and it manages that while offering up some innovative mechanics and the usual top-shelf Oddworld production values."

The game does have a load of virtual controls to deal with, and even some gyroscope usage, but if you have an MFi gamepad, you’ll be glad to know it’s fully supported. This is a rather unique shooter, and $3.99 is quite the bargain for it.

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