‘Checkpoint Champion’ Getting Frosty Update Next Month

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Checkpoint Champion (Free) quickly became one of my favorite games from last year, delivering excellent production values with fun pick-up-and-play gameplay that made for a really fun game that I still pick up from time to time. Well, we’ve gotten word of the first content update to the game, and it’s a new level called the Ice Lake. The ice and snow of the level will present new challenges, as their slipperiness will serve as a new difficulty in trying to collect all the checkpoints here. Here’s a video showing off the terrain:

Now, those unfamiliar with the game may think there’s not much of a deal to be made over just one new level, but because the game is structured around using small chunks of a larger level for different challenges, this means there’s a lot more potentially coming to the game than it sounds like on the surface. This content update is expected to be out in about a month. Additionally, a maintenance update with some tweaks and improvements, including a shortcut to the garage menu, so that cars can be more easily swapped out, has just been released. The developers are in the forum thread, posting updates and chatting about the game, if you’re interested.

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