Original ‘Kingdom Rush’ Gets New Levels and Achievements

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There may be two sequels to the original Kingdom Rush (Free), but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be updated. The game’s just gotten a new content update that adds some new stuff to the game. There are four new levels where players will take on the forces of the villainous Lord Blackburn, eventually taking him on in a boss fight. There are eight new enemies to take on, with various undead creepy-crawly creeps to take down with your towers. There’s five new achievements to rack up as well, with other easter eggs to find.

It makes perfect sense that the original Kingdom Rush would still be updated even after two sequels – it’s still kicking around in the paid charts, after all, and there’s still people discovering the game for the first time. As well, this Blackburn content has been available in the PC version for a few months now. Sadly, the game hasn’t been updated for the iPhone 6/Plus quite yet, but hopefully that’s coming in a future maintenance update.

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