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‘Bleach: Brave Souls’ Hack ‘n Slash Game Coming Soon in Japan

The Bleach manga and anime franchise has a pretty extensive video game history, as it turns out a series about warriors with swords and powerful summons makes for perfect gaming fodder. Well, it looks like another mobile game is in the works, as Bleach: Brave Souls has been announced for mobile in Japan. This promises to be a free-to-play top-down action title, where you can play as different Bleach characters, assembling a team to fight many of Hollow baddies, going through the series’ story while racking up massive combos.

Whether this comes to the US is an unknown quantity – there haven’t been a lot of Bleach games that have made it stateside. The two Treasure-developed fighting games for DS, Bleach: The Blade of Fate and Bleach: Dark Souls were rad mid-2000s games that made it stateside. So, if I were you, I’d probably brush up on my Japanese and get a Japanese iTunes account, it might be a better option than sitting around and waiting for this game to come stateside. But hey, you never know just what will happen.