Check Out ‘Ninja Smasher’ at $0.99 – Just Don’t Call it a Metroidvania?

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Looking for a cool hidden gem of a game to pick up today? Well, Ninja Smasher ($3.99) is on sale for $0.99 right now. This is an open-world action game where you control a ninja who must get his equipment and powers back in order to rescue the princess of the castle from the monsters who kidnapped her. The game’s from Q-Cumber Factory, who previously released Rogue Ninja ($2.99) and Ninja Striker ($0.99), each starring a similar ninja protagonist. Ninja Smasher also uses many of the same controls and design elements of Ninja Striker, expanded out into a bigger game.

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While what I’ve described may sound like a Metroidvania, our Shaun Musgrave, who reviewed the game, doesn’t think so. He thinks the game skews a lot closer to the Monster World series, which did influence later titles that take after Metroidvanias with their interconnected maps with new abilities to collect. Still, if you enjoy Metroidvania games, you might want to dive into this one, and at $0.99, why not now?

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