‘I Am Level’ and ‘Necrorun’ Both Go Free

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We were expecting a bit of an avalanche of price changes, updates, and releases following iTunes thawing out earlier this week. Instead, we really haven’t seen much movement at all. That’s alright though, as nothing big going on with the App Store means we can focus on more obscure stuff like these two games that recently went free.

Necrorun, Free – This game is a bit old by today’s standards, but I still think it’s pretty cool as it’s a runner that gives me some serious Castlevania vibes. You play as Death, and apparently have challenged some knights to a duel. If they win, they get to live for eternity… But, being Death, chances are you’re not going to let that happen. Some folks on our forums have reported weird issues with newer devices, but it still doesn’t hurt to give it a download in the event that the developer releases some tweaks to make it run right on newer iPads. Really, it’s the weird Friday after New Year’s, what else do you have to do today?

I Am Level, $1.99 – Released in late 2013, it’s really hard to come up with a succinct way to describe I Am Level. We get pretty in depth in our review, but aside from that it’s an odd 8-bit-y sort of pinball meats Metroidvania kind of thing, with tilt controls. I know, it sounds nuts, but it’s totally free with no IAP or anything else. Definitely check out the trailer and give it a try.

  • Necrorun

    Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will reward them immortality.

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  • I Am Level

    Flick, bounce, and roll your character through the bizarre yet stylish world of ‘I Am Level’ in this original mix of…
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