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Little White Bear Studios Teases ‘Puzzle Blitz’ – Coming Next Week

Little White Bear Studios have been around for what seems like forever now making all sorts of different puzzle games for iOS. Their whole App Store catalog is packed with a bunch of different varieties of tangram style puzzles, which I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid. Probably the best place to get started is with either one of their bundles, which are split into separate sku’s for the iPhone and iPad. (I told you they were old, these pre-date universal app prevalence.) Anyway, they’ve got a new puzzler in the works coming next week called Puzzle Blitz.

It sounds pretty cool, as 450 different puzzles are included and the name of the game is completing them as fast as possible. With each puzzle you finish, time gets added to the clock and you see how much longer you can go. It’s going to be $1.99, with no IAP or any other funny stuff, which in 2015 oddly enough seems like a feature worth boasting about.