‘ESFLC’ is a Challenging and Personal High Score Game from ‘Superhyper’ Creator Folmer Kelly

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Folmer Kelly is the developer of Superhyper ($1.99) and its spinoff Ultrahyper (Free) that released a few weeks later that are each worth playing. And just last week, a game he contributed art for, Golf is Hard (Free), hit the App Store. He recently made a game for the most recent Ludum Dare, and it’s now out on iOS, entitled ESFLC. ($0.99) An acronym for “Entertainment Software for Lonely Children," the game is at its heart a singleplayer version of multiplayer Pong, where you control each paddle, and try to keep the rally going for as long as possible, earning a point for each hit.


The game is designed to be a kind of simulation of trying to play a two-player game by yourself, where tapping on one side of the screen moves that paddle on that side of the screen down, but it moves the other one up, so it requires a bit of mental gymnastics to get the inputs just right. ESFLC also has a bit of a personal connection to the developer, as there are messages written after each game over, meant to be the things that he would wish he could tell his younger self. It’s an interesting and challenging little game for $0.99.


    Entertainment Software For Lonely Children (ESFLC) is about me talking to myself as a kid when I used to play 2 player g…
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