Put Your Giant-Pocket Jeans Away: ‘Galaxy Trucker’ Now Available for iPhone

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Do you love Galaxy Trucker ($4.99) on iPad but are sick of having to squeeze your iPad into your JNCO jeans? Well good news then, as a pocket-friendly iPhone version appropriately called Galaxy Trucker Pocket ($4.99) snuck its way into the App Store over the weekend just beating out the dreaded iTunes freeze.

As you may or may not know, Galaxy Trucker is originally a physical board game, but made the transition to the digital world with the iPad version that was released back in September. Despite some questionable aspects to the core design of the game (both board and digital), we liked the iPad version quite a bit, giving it 4 stars in our review. The new iPhone version appears to be identical save for the fact that it’s been revamped to work well on the smaller iPhone screens. Here’s the iPad version trailer so you can see what Galaxy Trucker is all about.

If you had your eye on Galaxy Trucker but either didn’t have an iPad or simply wanted a more portable version for your iPhone, check out Galaxy Trucker Pocket and join in on the discussion in our forums.

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