Two More Hot Freebies: ‘Space Qube’ and ‘Foosball’ by Illusion Labs

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Touch Arcade is your source for awesome free games, and a couple more have crossed out paths Space Qube is a cool shoot ’em up that mixes in Minecraft with a space shooter, allowing you to build out your own spaceship and take on enemies in an on-rails environment.

It’s a cool premise, and well worth checking out for free, especially as your ship’s shape is so pivotal. Check out the trailer:

The other game is Foosball (Free) from Illusion Labs. This is a realistic simulator of the famous table game from a studio known for their high production values. This one’s a couple years old, but the day that foosball goes out of style is a day I don’t want to be on this planet any more.

So many cool games being delivered by Santa Claus. He is real, Virginia, and he is bringing us so many cool free games!

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