Get ‘The Nightmare Cooperative’ and ‘The Firm’ for Free While You Can

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Two more awesome free games have crossed our radar for you to pick up that you should go after as soon as possible. The Nightmare Cooperative ($0.99) is a puzzle-roguelike from Lucky Frame. It’s got a Threes ($5.99) influence to it, where swiping to move in a cardinal direction moves all characters at once. This is about collecting treasure, keeping your heroes alive, and getting as deep in the dungeon as possible. This game is actually a lot better on mobile than it is on PC because swiping works so well for it, so definitely pick this one up even if you have played it elsewhere.

Next up is The Firm ($0.99), a fast-paced puzzler where you play as a stock trader, who must choose to buy or sell stocks based on whether they’re going up or down. The game will mess with your mind as you try to quickly decipher which stocks are to be bought and to be sold based on the binary visual cues. It’s rather difficult but highly replayable.

Both of these games may not be live in your region if you’re in the US or Canada, as they appear to be timed. So they should be free at 11:00pm eastern in North America, but if they’re free where you’re at, go download them right now as they may not be free for much longer! And remember, we’re your number one source for free games this holiday season.

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