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‘Dead Hunt’ Will Provide the Opportunity to Blast Infinite Amounts of Zombies with Infinite Loot

Illogical Games has announced Dead Hunt, an upcoming dual-stick shooter with RPG elements that sounds mighty tasty. This will have players fighting off zombies using any number of weapons, getting mega-combos and the like to try and stay alive in the most explosive fashion. The game claims influence from Diablo, Torchlight, Borderlands and similar games thanks in part to its loot system. All loot is procedurally-generated, according to the developers, to the point where finding two identical items is next to impossible. And there’s no level cap at all, so you could play forever, and see loot designed for your absurdly-high character levels. Want a level 10,000 character? That just might be possible. An open route system should help with level design, to try and ensure that players can make their way through the game how they want to.

The game is scheduled to release on December 17th, and will be free-to-play, but Illogical Games is claiming that there will be no premium items that will require IAP, that everything can be bought through earning money in-game. We’ll get the chance to evaluate that claim in a couple of weeks – and while this game is making some lofty claims, it could be a rad game if it can deliver on them. Check out the thread on the forums for more and to chat with the developer.