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‘The Witcher Battle Arena’ Beta Now Accepting iOS Players

The season of the mobile MOBA is finally upon us, it seems, with Vainglory (Free) getting such huge showcases from Apple. Plenty of other developers have been trying to make the MOBA genre work on mobile, and one of the more interesting entrants is CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher series, with The Witcher Battle Arena. The game was announced back in July with promises of three-on-three battles with no pay-to-win elements. A new trailer was released in August, along with a signup for a beta, but only on Android. Well now, iOS players who want to help beta test the upcoming MOBA can do so, as CD Projekt is looking for beta testers. You can sign up here at this link. They’re not promising everyone gets into the beta, unfortunately, but this still may be a way to provide feedback and play the game before its worldwide release.

This isn’t the only mobile Witcher game planned. The Witcher Adventure Game is on the way as well. Just last week, CD Projekt Red released a lengthy tutorial video for the board game take on the RPG, re-confirming its existence. The PC version releases on November 27th, and it’s been promised for mobile as well, so hopefully we’ll be seeing this one soon enough.