‘Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf’ Act 4 – Dawn Over V’taag is Now Available

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The fourth and final installment of Forge Reply’s digital gamebook Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Free) is now officially available for download, just as we learned it would be earlier this month. The new installment, titled Act 4 – Dawn Over V’taag, will run you $4.99 if purchased on its own, or if you’ve previously bought a Season Pass it will simply be available for download. Here is a trailer detailing the Dawn Over V’taag episode.

We’ve been updating our review of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf as each new Act becomes available, and we’ll be locking Shaun in the basement with Act 4 so we can bring you an updated version of that review shortly. The initial launch version of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf was impressive in many regards, but it also had some pretty serious balancing and difficulty issues. Thankfully those have been mostly smoothed out with updates, and Lone Wolf is definitely one of the more entertaining digital gamebook adaptations on iOS. Check out the new Act and keep an eye out for an updated review soon.

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