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‘Gunbrick’ Officially Unveiled from ‘Icebreaker’ Developer Nitrome

If you’ve been paying close attention to developer Nitrome on social media and teh Interwebz, you’ve no doubt noticed that they’ve been teasing a new game for some time now. Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve released brief teaser trailers for the game, but nothing that actually gave away what type of game it was or what it was about. Not even a name. Well, that changes today as Nitrome has officially unveiled their new game as Gunbrick, and they’ve released a new trailer that actually shows the game itself in action.

My first thought after seeing the trailer for Gunbrick was that it was Brickroll (Free) meets… oh I don’t know, Mega Man maybe? Contra? Basically, rolling brick platformer meets awesome, pixely action game. Whatever the case may be, Gunbrick looks sweet, and Nitrome makes great games like Icebreaker ($5.99) and 8-Bit Doves ($2.99) so I feel pretty confident in getting excited. They hope to have Gunbrick available in early January, and in the meantime you can check out the game’s previous teaser videos on Nitrome’s YouTube channel if you missed them before.