Let’s Hope ‘Goat MMO Simulator’ Comes to Mobile Someday

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The whole simulator genre has gotten increasingly ridiculous as of late. Sure, Bossa Studios’ I Am Bread sounded like it was ready to one-up the already absurd Goat Simulator ($7.99), but it looks like Coffee Stain Studios isn’t done pushing the bar of simulations to ridiculous degrees, as they’ve announced Goat MMO Simulator. Coming as DLC to Goat Simulator on PC, this will put players into an MMO simulation, with five different classes, dozens of quests, and the ability to level up all the way to level 101 – all while being a goat. Sounds absolutely wonderful, and the trailer only confirms that:

Sadly, while Goat Simulator made its way to mobile, Goat MMO Simulator isn’t planned for mobile at the moment, according to a Coffee Stain representative, saying “We’ll release it on PC first and see how it goats." We can only hope. The dream of being a goat and going anywhere my heart desired became a reality, and I believe I can be a level 101 goat wherever I go as well. Someday. The good news is that we’ll probably be playing Goat MMO Simulator on mobile well before anyone is able to login to Warlords of Draenor, right?

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