‘Dodo Master Pocket’ is Free Right Now

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Dodo Master ($0.99) was a puzzle-platformer that our Andrew Fretz really loved, giving it 5 stars back in his review, saying that “The game is so carefully crafted, and so well planned, and so well tested that I want to be certain that each word I write about it is equally well thought out." Well, there’s good news if you’ve been looking to check it out, as the iPhone version of the game is currently free, through an app promotion service and with the Android version of the game now out. The iPad version is available for $0.99 if that’s more up your alley, or if you want to support the developer, as the game has no in-app purchases at all.

Along with this sale, Dodo Master also was recently updated with MFi gamepad support, so if you have one of the new gamepads with a clip on it, this might be a good game to try out with it. As well, there’s support for 7 new languages, if your device isn’t actually in English. While it’s hard to understand how the developer is making any money off of the game, it’s hard to argue with the price.

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