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‘NOON’ from ‘Quell’ Creators Promises a Wacky Payment Model

Fallen Tree Games, creators of Quell Memento ($2.99), have a new game coming out this week, NOON, and it’s going to use a rather odd pricing model that, if followed through, might just be the perfect antidote for people who hate when apps go from paid to free with ads. NOON is about tapping to stop clocks as they hit noon on their dials, though noon on the dial isn’t always at the top of the clock, it’s occasionally in odd positions and even moving about. The trailer, released today, shows off some of the zaniness:

The game is going to use what I am now going to coin as Benjamin Button monetization. It launches for free this week, with ads in tow, and just the core score-chasing mode. Then, the first content update will add in new modes, and the game will become paid, with ads being disabled. That’s right, in a world where paid games go free with ads, NOON promises to do the exact opposite. I wonder if anyone will get mad about that? It’s the internet, so probably. Oh well, haters gonna hate.