Bandai Namco’s Card Battler ‘Outcast Odyssey’ Now Available Worldwide

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Back in July, Bandai Namco soft-launched their new free to play card battling game called Outcast Odyssey (Free), and as of last night the game is now officially available worldwide. While the card battling genre is quickly getting saturated on the App Store, Outcast Odyssey hopes to stand out from the pack with its emphasis on exploration and almost dungeon crawler-like gameplay. It seems to have worked too, as Outcast Odyssey has performed well in all the countries it was available in during its soft-launch, and it has almost universally positive praise from players in our forums.

Also, Outcast Odyssey is free to play, but seems to be incredibly fair in its implementation. The only real negative I’ve seen so far is that the game requires an internet connection, which is an instant red flag for a lot of gamers, but it is what it is. If you like card battlers and like the cut of Outcast Odyssey’s jib, definitely check it out for free and leave your thoughts in the forum thread where the developers are actively seeking feedback.

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