Halfbrick’s ‘Fruit Ninja’ Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters with Huge Crossover Update

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Why, hello there, totally random IP crossover! In case you weren’t aware, this year marks the 30th anniversary of one of my all-time favorite movies, Ghostbusters, and apparently an appropriate way to celebrate that is with… an update to Fruit Ninja ($1.99)? Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s totally the case, and in fact it’s a really nice update for fans of both brands.

The two big new items in this update are a Ghostbusters blade and dojo, available for free to all who update. The blade acts just like the proton beams that are fired out of the Ghostbusters’ proton packs, and it’s a very cool visual effect. It also comes with a special power-up where you can “cross beams" and create an explosion of proton beams that absolutely annihilates any fruit that are foolish enough to appear on screen. This, too, is a very cool visual effect and also makes you feel like quite the bad ass.

As for the dojo, it’s a brick background that’s a clever nod to the abandoned Pneumatic Transit subway line from Ghostbusters II, and comes with the perk of ghost traps. Slice a trap that comes flying across the screen and it will unleash a huge batch of fruit. Combine the blade’s beam crossing power-up with a couple of those traps, and you’ve got yourself a serious scoring opportunity.

Really though, in addition to those two specific additions with the blade and the dojo, the entirety of Fruit Ninja is dripping with Ghostbusters-ness. All the little characters introduced in the huge update earlier this month are sporting those classic tan Ghostbusters jumpsuits, the game’s entire color pallet has a more neon, “ghostly" look, and there’s some spooky new music too. But my absolute favorite change is the fruit itself. It also uses that supernatural color pallet, and it even glows. It’s a really cool effect, and while I imagine this Ghostbusters crossover will only last through Halloween or so, I sincerely hope they include an option to switch back to the haunted look whenever you want just for kicks. I really dig it.

So if you’ve got a copy of Fruit Ninja and you’re in a Halloween and/or Ghostbusters mood, check out the new update and slice up some freaky ghost fruit.

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