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First Screens for Upcoming ‘Micro Battles’ from Donut Games

Everyone loves Donut Games, right? For years they’ve been consistent providers of perfect “coffee break" gaming experiences for our mobile devices, though they broke that trend with their last release, the ambitious action platformer Traps n’ Gemstones ($4.99). However, for their next game they’re getting back to basics. It’s called Micro Battles and it’s a collection of quick, head-to-head mini-games. Here’s some screens.


MB_screen_02_WS MB_screen_04_WS


For the life of me I can’t figure out why there aren’t more mini-game collections on the App Store. Those fast-paced, quick hits of gaming are a perfect fit for mobile, and I especially love the head-to-head focus Micro Battles is taking. I absolutely love games like Soccer Physics (Free), Wrestle Jump (Free), and King of Opera ($2.99), and Micro Battles seems like a single package chock full of those types of games. No word on release date or pricing yet, but once we hear more we’ll let you know.