Stoic’s ‘The Banner Saga’ Now Available on iOS for $9.99

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As if the huge list of new releases from earlier wasn’t enough, Stoic’s tactical RPG The Banner Saga ($9.99) has also just arrived in the App Store. The Banner Saga launched on PC in January of this year to critical acclaim, and in June it was confirmed that the game would be heading to “tablets" sometime this summer. That meant that it was at the very least heading to iPad, but as it turns out The Banner Saga is a Universal app for iPhones, too. Check out the PC version launch trailer.

Stoic was also noted as saying they (and Apple) were frustrated about people not being willing to pay for quality software on the App Store, and everyone was curious what The Banner Saga’s price on iOS would be. It turns out they went the $9.99 route, which is considered the higher end on the App Store but is a significant discount compared to its price on other platforms. It’s half-price, in fact. I’ll be interested to see how well it ends up doing, as it’s obviously a top title worthy of a higher price. We’ll have more on The Banner Saga soon, and in the meantime you can see what people are saying about it in our forums.

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