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Square Enix and DeNA’s ‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’ Available in the Japanese App Store

ffrecordkeeperBack in July we learned that Square Enix was working on a game called Final Fantasy Record Keeper for release on mobile devices in Japan, and as it turns out that game indeed was launched in the Japanese App Store early last month. Being that it’s published by DeNA and not Square Enix, it slipped under our radar initially, but an eagle-eyed forum member has posted a thread for the game today helpfully bringing it to our attention.

As for what Final Fantasy Record Keeper actually is, it’s something of a remix of previous Final Fantasy games that lets you put together a party of characters from throughout the series and battle against enemies and bosses who’ve also plucked from the series. Think of it like a big Final Fantasy jukebox.

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Our own Shaun Musgrave, who is based in Japan, is downloading Final Fantasy Record Keeper as we speak, so expect some further impressions on the game in the near future. As for if Record Keeper is destined for a release outside of Japan? My money is on yes, and even Shaun who is much more qualified to answer that question than I am thinks it “has a decent shot" at getting an English release. Be sure to check out the forum thread for more, and we’ll have more on Final Fantasy Record Keeper soon.

Japanese App Store Link: Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Free (Universal)