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‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Soft Launch Rolls Out in New Zealand

Angry Birds Transformers, the crossover between everyone’s favorite malcontent avian creatures and everyone’s favorite morphing robot franchise, has been teased in the past months, but now we know when the game is coming, and what it’s going to play like – and oh yeah, it’s soft-launched as well. And it’s not just a standard Angry Birds game, but a side-scrolling action game. Rovio’s released a gameplay trailer showing off some of the action:

Yes, it’s a 2D auto-runner, where Angry Bird style Transformers shift from car to robot mode, shooting background targets and enemies, including pigs on their standard Angry Birds level layouts but also various enemies that fire back. Not really what was expected from this game, but hey – between the 80’s-style theme song in the trailer, the game’s animated intro in the style of an 80’s cartoon, and the tagline “Birds disguised as robots in disguise," it’s having some fun with the concept.

The game launches worldwide as a free-to-play game on iOS on October 15th, two weeks ahead of the Android version. However, the game has just soft launched in New Zealand, so for you Kiwis and “Kiwis" you can play the game right now. Join our forums where people are chatting about the game right now.