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Here’s How to Get TouchArcade Flair in ‘Smarter Than You’

With Smarter Than You launching tonight in the USA and potentially already launched in your region right now, you probably want to be at the front of the bus when it comes to representing the sickest piece of flair available in the game: The TouchArcade badge. Backing things up a bit, flair in Smarter Than You is a little icon that appears next to your avatar. There’s way more than 37 pieces of flair included in the game, and they range from things like being able to select the flag of your country to other pieces of flair unlocked by doing random things in game. (Basically, flair amounts to achievements.)


Getting the most awesome piece of flair in game is actually quite easy. All you need to do is change your Game Center nickname to start with “TA". To do this, grab your iOS device, go to “Settings" then scroll down to “Game Center" which is in the area with Music, Videos, Photos, etc. Tap “Game Center" then tap your nickname which is immediately under where it says “Game Center Profile". You’ll need to enter your Apple ID login information, then tap your nickname again on the next screen. Set it to whatever you want, as long as it starts with “TA". “TA Eli" for instance, is what I set mine to. Hit done, close out of all the settings, launch Smarter Than You again and you’ll have the TA flair as something you can select when you tap your avatar at the top of the screen. (If it doesn’t appear, double tap the home button and force quit Smarter Than You before launching it again.)

It doesn’t seem like you need to keep your TA Game Center nickname to keep the piece of flair, but it can only be selected when you’ve got a TA nickname. So, you can change your nickname back to whatever it was before by repeating the above process. Keep in mind, you’ll have to do it all over again if you switch to a different piece of flair and want the TA one back.

Anyway, if you want to follow along with forum impressions before the game is released be sure to check out the Smarter Than You thread.