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Namco Soft Launches ‘Aevana: Unstoppable’, an Auto-Running Action Game

Along with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Namco has soft launched another game in the past few days, Aevana: Unstoppable. This one’s also available in New Zealand right now. This is a side-scrolling, level-based auto-runner where players control the eponymous Aevana, having to guide her over obstacles, and taking out enemies in the process. The game becomes about chaining together slides, jumps, tackles, and attacks, trying to make it from one level to the next. Combos and spells help to take out enemies that won’t go down in just one hit. Along the way, coins and shards are earned, used to buy new items and upgrades, and to skip wait timers.

Aevana Unstoppable

Yes, the game is very heavily monetized, with plenty of things to buy extra currency for, and an energy system to navigate around. How these systems feel and work are all tweakable, and the game feels like it’s not quite ready for global consumption, as there’s a bit of odd slowdown still on the iPad Mini Retina, as well as a general feel through the appearance of the menus like there’s still a bit of work to be done to make this ready for a worldwide debut. There’s enough here to be intriguing, even with all the monetization, but we’ll see how it all works when it eventually hits worldwide. Chat with our forums about this one.