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‘Baseless’ is an Upcoming Planet-Hopping Shooter from the Creator of ‘David.’

David. ($1.99) from Fermenter Games was a curious little title that our Shaun Musgrave quite enjoyed. Now, a few months after that game’s release, the developer is hard at work on a brand new game: Baseless. The game is still very early in the works, but it’s showing some promise already. The idea is that this is a planet-hopping shooter, where, not unlike Toast Time ($3.99) or Spooklands ($0.99), you fire to attack enemies but to also move around. Battles right now take place among a bunch of planets, while you fight off enemies like turrets and space worms.


The game is still extremely early in the development process, but the basic look of the game and some of the core elements, including a roguelike-inspired style of randomly-generated galaxies, are locked down. You can play a very early Windows alpha, but it’s not entirely representative of where the game is at right now, based on later dev posts, and it may get taken down at some point soon.

Still, it’s worth at least checking this one out in motion – David. was an interesting game, and this one should be worth keeping an eye on, particularly as Fermenter is being really quite open with the game’s progress on their blog, full of GIFs!