Oh Hey, ‘TourStar’ Launched This Morning

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Yesterday evening we posted about the (then) upcoming TourStar (Free) which was supposed to be launching this week. My brain just sort of parsed that as “Look for it on Wednesday with all the other games," and not “Oh, I’ll show up Tuesday morning." So, if the idea of band management appeals to you, or you’re looking for another game to play along side Band Stars (Free), be sure to check this one out.

As mentioned yesterday, the game is free to try with a single $0.99 unlock to level up past level 5 and essentially gain access to the “full" game. There’s two cheater IAP options, one for removing energy (which is weird since managing resting versus performing is part of the game) and another for getting a stupid amount of in-game money (which again just kind of breaks the game since earning cash through tickets and album sales is the whole point). Either way, by the time you get to the point of spending $0.99, you’ll know how much you like the game, which is really something I wish more iOS games did.

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