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‘Goat Simulator’ is Headed to iOS

As is the case when anything gets popular, there’s already loads of different (and often terrible) Goat Simulator clones on the App Store, but soon we’ll be able to play the real deal. In goat simulator, you play as a goat, and simulate being a goat. It’s basically just a supremely ridiculous physics sandbox game where you play as a goat. Here’s the trailer from when it launched on PC:

This was all announced at GDC Europe this morning, where Coffee Stain Studios also announced they made back the money invested in Goat Simulator in “ten minutes." Take that as you will. Goat Simulator has been a surprising hit, and, I’ve got no doubts it’ll make a similar splash on iOS. Rampaging around as a goat is way more fun than you’d think it would be.

[via Joystiq]