Freebie Alert: Chart Topping Text Adventure Game ‘A Dark Room’

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If you’re looking for a game to play this weekend and are working with a budget of zero dollars to do it with, I suggest giving A Dark Room ($1.99) a spin. It previously absolutely decimated the top paid charts, and we thought it was pretty cool in our review. Feeling a bit like an iOS version of the surprisingly popular browser game Candy Box, I’d tell you more, but as Shaun explains in said review, you’re better off just going in fresh:

There’s just one problem with talking about this game, though. A lot of the enjoyment is in the surprising turns it takes, and even telling you that much feels like I’ve gone and spoiled something. The description in the App Store offers very little information, and just one screenshot that offers about the same. I’ve talked before about games that focus on giving you an experience, and this is very much one of those. If you want to enjoy the experience of it in pure form, please click the link in the first paragraph to buy the game, then hit the back button in your browser and don’t come back here until you’re done playing.

So, give it a download, not knowing anything about the game, and see if you dig it. You’ll be glad you did.

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