‘Ultima Forever’ Shutting Down on August 29th

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It’s been a bit of a rough ride for the now-defunct studio previously known as Mythic Entertainment. The studio was closed in late May following the release of the universally panned Dungeon Keeper (Free), and now their other project, Ultima Forever (Free) will be shutting down on August 29th.

This only serves to really show what sucks the most about games as a service in the free to play world: All of your time, and potentially money, that you invested in a game can totally vanish when the company hosting it all decides to pull the plug. It’s somewhat inevitable for these games to go offline eventually, but, remember, Ultima Forever was released less than a year ago.

On the up side, per a post on the Ultima Forever forums, for the last month rewards in game will be significantly boosted and equipment durability loss will be turned off… So, I guess if there ever was a time to just go totally H.A.M. on playing Ultima Forever, now is the time to do it before it’s gone for good. And, hey, maybe EA will finally learn that taking these old school hardcore IP’s and turning them in to casual free to play titles isn’t what’s best for business.

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