‘Monument Valley’ Hits the One Million Copies Sold Mark, Still Currently On Sale

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Ustwo’s universally acclaimed abstract puzzler Monument Valley ($3.99) has sold more than one million copies, the company revealed to TechCrunch earlier today. Originally launching as an iOS-exclusive at the beginning of April, Monument Valley subsequently launched on Android and the Amazon App Store in the months that followed. Altogether across all platforms they’ve racked up more than a million copies sold. The original price of Monument Valley was $3.99, which if you can believe it is considered “high" in the world of mobile, but a price drop earlier this month spurred by an Apple feature no doubt brought in an influx of new downloads contributing to that million+ number.

As a matter of fact, Monument Valley is still on sale for half off, so if you somehow haven’t grabbed it yet now is as good a time as any. It’s really really good. Back at WWDC it was the final iOS app to win a coveted Apple Design Award, and the TechCrunch article reaffirms the previous announcement from ustwo that new levels are in the works for the game. Congratulations to Monument Valley, and here’s to a million more.


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