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Shadowy, Acrobatic Platforming Sequel ‘Oscura: Second Shadow’ Releases on June 26th

Oscura: Second Shadow is releasing to the App Store on Thursday, June 26th. This is a sequel to Oscura , which isn’t available on the US App Store any more. There’s more shadowy platforming here, with the silhouetted Oscura making his way through deadly levels using a glowing hand that illuminates his nearby surroundings. Oscura is acrobatic, but lacking in ways to defeat enemies, so expect a lot of running and daring escapes.

Ole Alfheim of the original’s developer Chocolate Liberation Front, developed the game and Australian publisher Surprise Attack Games is handling the release for their first mobile title. The game has supposedly been optimized for touchscreen platforming, but we’ll see just how well it plays when it releases this Thursday.