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Hutch Games Soft Launches ‘MMX Racing’ – Think ‘CSR Racing’ but with Monster Trucks

Hutch Games of Smash Cops ($4.99) fame has soft launched MMX Racing, a game that dares to ask an important question: why can’t monster trucks take part in drag racing? Well, that’s what they’ve done: take the drag racing formula popularized by CSR Racing (Free) and make it about monster truck racing.

MMX Racing

While accelerating properly at the start of a race is important, this is a game about trucks racing, so it’s important to make good jumps by letting off of the accelerator at the right time on a ramp, and resuming acceleration at the precise moment on the ground. Oh, and there’s the ability to name trucks based on pre-set phrases that will be announced in the game. The game is currently available in Ireland, Norway, and Singapore.