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Check Out the Trailer for ‘Zombie Road Trip: Trials’

I lost untold hours of my life to the original Zombie Road Trip (Free), as if one of these “slowly upgrade absolutely everything" games gets its hooks in me, it’s game over. Well, say goodbye to me being a productive member of society as Noodlecake and Spokko are dead set on ruining my life even further with the release of Zombie Road Trip: Trials.

According to the developers who are actively posting in our forums, this pseudo-sequel spinoff is going to be a lot like Zombie Road Trip, but with a focus leaning heavily towards more levels and challenges. Check out the trailer:

There’s 480 levels in all, which they’re estimating amounts to a 10+ hour single player experience. Tons of unlockables of course, and a new multiplayer mode are all included. Fantastic. Can’t wait.