New ‘True Skate’ Skatepark “Double Infinity” Coming this Thursday

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True Skate ($1.99) developer True Axis continues to make good on the promise they made back in December of four new skateparks coming to their awesome skateboard simulation game. The first new park, the Schoolyard, hit back in February, and offered a more street-style environment to skate around in. Then just last month the second new park called The Warehouse was released, and it offered a more skatepark-style level with plenty of space and different objects to hit. This week, the third park will be arriving. It’s an outdoor concrete park called Double Infinity, named after the shapes of its two intertwining bowls. Here’s a couple of screens.



True Skate is far more than just a game to me – it’s a daily habit. It’s truly a wide open sandbox that I can get lost in for minutes or hours at a time, just trying to see what’s possible within the confines of its physics engine. The fact that True Axis has been so committed to expanding the game with new levels has been fantastic, and I’m excited to get my hands on Double Infinity this Thursday. It’ll most likely fall in line with the other new parks and be a 99¢ IAP from within the game. If you read along in our forums, it sounds like there’s plenty more in store for True Skate in the future too, like improved replay functionality, a “realistic" mode, and new levels that “could be taking a very different direction" according to True Axis, which sounds very exciting.

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